Flash Sale

Normal Price is $250.

Flash sale for a 45-minute session without edits. You will receive all the photos from the session in jpg format and there is no editing included.


If you were offered a discounted rate before April 1, 2022 that promotion has expired and is no longer available.

Standard Pricing:
1-Hour Photo Session w/Virak
Normal Price $250



25% Off Annual Membership
Normal Price $200/Year
Special Expired March 31, 2022

Members receive:

50% off all Studio Rental
50% off all Workshops
Access to Exclusive Meetups
Free Two-hour Rental (Workshop Special)

Latin Vintage
$75 Session

Normal Price: $250.

Purchase a 1-hour photo session at Virak Studio for only $75. Scheduling after April 1st.

Limited time offer and exclusive to Latin Vintage members.

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