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The following terms and conditions apply to all Virak Studio clients and should be read and agreed upon prior to enacting a contract - written or verbal.

"Event" hereinafter refers to a photoshoot, video shoot, audio recording or any other service provided by Virak Studio.

DEPOSIT ($125)

- Deposits are REQUIRED for any and all event bookings.

- Deposits must be RECEIVED by Virak Studio at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled event (Digital payments only. Checks and Cash not accepted).

- No event will be booked or guaranteed without a deposit. First pay, first served.

No verbal holds.

- Deposits are Non-refundable booking fees and only apply to the scheduled date. If you need to change your date you must do so 2-weeks prior to transfer your deposit. Otherwise, another deposit must be made.

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- Photo Editing is a service that Virak Studio offers for minor touch-ups (blemishes, color correction). What is not done is alterations/morphing (i.e. Make you look skinnier, removing background or other advanced techniques).

- Editing may be outsourced to third-party vendors.

- Video editing will vary from project to project.
A 4:1 ratio (edit:shoot) is included in video packages. 

- Clients will be charged for video editing requests beyond specified edits. 

Video Editing

- Deliverables (photos/video) are transferred to client via cloud drive. Photos in .jpg format and video in .mp4 unless otherwise requested.

- .RAW files may be available at additional fee (not to exceed cost of original agreement).

- Clients may bring a high-speed USB, SD or Micro SD or other digital storage device to event to receive digital deliverables following shoot. Devices are not offered from Virak Studio.

- Printed photos are not a part of any offered package from Virak Studio.

- Virak Studio will retain copies of media for up to 3 months following event before deleting original files. Requests for backup copies may not be honored after files are deleted.



- Scheduling a buffer time before and after the shoot. Models/subjects may require some time to become comfortable in front of a camera and acclimate to the environment.

- If you are doing a video shoot DO NOT schedule anything after your allotted time. It is important that video shoots are not rushed and will have ample time to shoot quality footage.

- For video shoots, please send all media (music, video clips, etc) to Virak at least 1 week prior to shoot.

- Ensure location is secured at least 1 week prior to shoot (must be permittable area and not subject to disruption from public or security).

- Obtain permits ahead of time as necessary.

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