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Live streaming allows your guests to enjoy your important event in real time if they're unable to attend.

We use high-definition cameras and professional audio devices to stream your wedding with broadcast quality.  

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Member of Professional Photographers of America

The simplest way to live stream an event is to use Facebook or YouTube Live. You can do it directly from your phone and all you need is an app! 

The live streaming services we offer is a professional-level broadcast that includes multiple camera perspectives, direct audio and an online guestbook. A director monitors all the action from a multi-screen display and switches between camera shots so no moment is missed. It's the same way live news broadcasts and live sport events are managed.

Live streaming from a cell phone will capture ambient audio from all of its surroundings. Our live-streaming service will allow the audio to be linked directly to the stream, so only the important audio is broadcasted.

Your guests will receive a link to watch the live stream on a website so those without a social media account can still participate. There's also a guestbook available where they can leave messages for the bride and groom during the event!

Contact us today to learn more!

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