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Audio & Video Podcasts

Record your next podcast at Virak Studio!

Podcast Recording

Audio & Video Podcasts

If you have ever considered starting your own podcast, it may be because you have a message you want to share with the world!

Before you go out and buy thousands of dollars worth of podcast equipment, we invite you to record your first podcast at Virak Studio!

We have an assortment of microphones that you can test out to find out which suits your voice the best. Schedule an appointment to tour the studio and try out our recording equipment first!

Choose Your Setup

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The studio can be configured according to your needs. We have a variety of colored paper backdrops (including a green screen), a 20-foot panel wall, and a 22-foot wide, grey-patterned backdrop. You can use a table to host your podcast or keep it casual on our black sofa or color chairs.

Lighting & Movement

A variety of LED panels, softboxes and diffusers are available and are included with the rental. If you're looking to add movement to your video, you can also use our 4-foot carbon-fiber camera slider.



Each microphone has a different function and use. Find the one that best suits your voice. We have a variety of microphones to choose from; from the popular Shure SM7B to a discrete Rode lapel.

Contact us before purchasing a package. We want to make sure you select what's best for you and ensure the times that best fit your recording schedule is available.

Vintage Microphone

Per Session

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Each recording session lasts one hour.*

Includes video recording and editing.**

*Session begins at appointed time and ends one hour following. Actual recording time may vary. Two camera angles included.

**Editing limited to synching, noise reduction and cuts. Does not include excessive removal of "uh's, ums, etc." Client may provide licensed or copyright-free music to be added to production.

Image by Matt Botsford

Package Pricing

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Pre-pay for 7 sessions and schedule ahead of time!


Not only will you save through package pricing, but you'll also be able to reserve the studio ahead of time so you can make planning easy (inviting guests, etc).


*pre-paid sessions are non-refundable and expire one year from purchase.

Microphone on Sound Board


Contact Us

Contact Us for special needs and arrangements. We can accommodate large business and commercial uses.

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