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Perfect Pointe Photoshoot

This page is specific for dancers of Perfect Pointe. Saturday, April 20th has been reserved for Perfect Pointe dancers and dancers may reserve specific time slots to have their photos taken.

Welcome to Virak Studio! Our warehouse studio is located in Fairfax, VA near the Mosaic District, in the same building as Crown Dance Studio (2820 Dorr Ave, Bay 6, Fairfax, VA 22031).

Our principal photographer, Virak, is a former professional ballroom dance instructor and has an extensive history of taking photos and video in the dance community (Ballroom, Latin, etc). He has provided photography for America's Next Top Model (CW), Project Runway, the US Olympics and published in luxury magazines, corporate websites and more.

This offer is not available to the public so please do not share the offer with anyone outside of Perfect Pointe.

Perfect Pointe Photoshoot - $250

You will receive all photos taken during the time slot.**
Choose up to 4 photos for editing (no additional charge)**

The photos chosen will be used to create a digital comp card which you will receive 1-2 weeks following the shoot (prints available).

Multiple outfits and looks are permitted but time will not be extended for wardrobe changes..

Session is 45-minutes with 15-minute buffer (Buffer is used to transition between appointments, allowing the photographer to offload photos onto computer for distribution, while giving time for the subject to change into street clothes and gather personal belongings)


Dedicated wardrobe and makeup area available at the studio. Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes ahead of your scheduled time.

Photoshoots are best conducted when there is little interference between the photographer and the subject. Parents/escorts/family members/friends are welcome to watch/join but are encouraged to remain quiet during the shoot. 

Flooring in studio is laminate. Dancers conducting dance poses (involving jumping, stretching, leaping, etc) in the studio will do so at their own risk. Bring appropriate footwear and dance attire.

Pose within the boundaries of your capabilities.

Refunds are not available.
**Offer for Perfect Pointe dancers only


Message us if you have questions or concerns!


Thanks for submitting!

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