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Updated: Jan 4, 2022

My name is Virak and I’m a full-time photographer from the Washington, D.C. area. I own a commercial warehouse studio and have turned my hobby into a profitable career.

There are plenty of photographers that do better work than me, but I have what most aspiring photographers want:

- My own commercial studio. It is in a building, and I did not just convert a room in my basement. - Business. I get a steady stream of clients with little to no advertising. - Profit. I charge enough that is fair to both me and the client and allows me to do this as a full-time profession. I cover the costs of the space, my equipment, my lifestyle, and other expenses.

I’m a part of several Facebook photography groups, and I see the same questions asked repeatedly. But I also see those questions being answered by seasoned photographers in a condescending, unhelpful manner. The world of photography is expansive and there is a lot to learn. I have put together a series of videos to help guide aspiring photographers to become better. There are many free resources out there but most of those resources are free because they are trying to sell you a product and they know photographers LOVE gear. I don’t have any products to sell you, but if you find my videos helpful, please help by SUBSCRIBING and giving the video a “LIKE.” If not, please leave a comment on how I can improve.

Virak Studio - A Space to Create!

“The purpose of Virak Studio is to act as a resource for aspiring photographers to learn and develop their love of photography into a profitable business.”

After over 20 years of photography I still love taking photos! I'm in a place in my life where I can share that love with other aspiring creators. Not everyone has the resources but that is why I created my studio - to act as a stepping stone. There is a lot of free content on learning photography but the majority of it is from sources that are trying to sell something. Because I don't have any products to push I can teach from an unbiased and unmotivated stance.

A Love of the Arts

My background is in business, finance and banking. I left that career to exploit my talents in the arts. I spent 7 years teaching dance (which is why 75% of my portfolio is of dancers). I took the same principals of teaching dance and applied it to teaching photography - in a step-by-step manner with room for growth. I recognize that learning photography, like dance, is not an overnight process. There doors to the house of photography that one must walk through before they see the entire house.

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“Be original, show off your style, and tell your story.”

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