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Photogs: Stop Asking "What is the Best Lens for..."

The answer is always the same: It Depends.

Go to any Facebook photography group and you will find the newbie photographer ask the question, "What is the Best Lens for ___________?" Following that question you will find responses from some seasoned photographers in a condescending, rude and unhelpful manner. "Why don't use just use the search function?" they say. Before we talk about what the "Best Lens" is let's talk about what prompts people to ask that question. There is a belief that better equipment = better photo. Although there is some truth that better equipment can traditionally produce a better image, there's so much more to it.

If you have money burning in your pocket then go buy a $62,000 (Fujinon XA55x9.5) 9.5 - 525mm f/1.7. Lens. I use this lens at my church for live broadcasting. It focuses insanely quickly, it zooms in and out at a blazing fast speed with little to no sound and is produces sharp and clear images. It also weighs more than me and is the size of my torso. Probably not the ideal lens for travel photography/video. Even if you can afford the 60k price tag, its use is limited to stationary photo/video projects. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Photographer's Mind: "I just came into a lot of extra money and I want to spend it on a lens but I have no idea which one to buy." Simple Answer: Buy the most expensive one you can afford. The problem with that Simple Answer is that it may not solve any problems and it won't necessarily improve your photography; it may just improve the things you can do. If you buy a zoom lens, then you can zoom now. If you buy a wide angle then you can shoot wider now. But that's really it. It would be better to first narrow the problem you are having in your photography.

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