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Photographers: STOP using the word, "Professional!"

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

"Professional" comes from the word, "Profession" which means, "JOB." It simply means you are being paid to do something. It does not mean you are good."

It's easy to tell people, "I'm a professional photographer" but no one has really defined what it truly means to be a "professional." Before moving further, let's agree that the term "professional" means "to be paid."

“There are plenty of average photographers that make a great deal of money. It's not because they’re good at photography; it’s because they’re good at business..”

Photography is art. And like any artform it is subjective and left to the viewer to criticize and form their own opinion - whether that opinion is informed or not. People will pay for good photography. But as the photography market becomes more saturated we are seeing that the standards and bar of what passes as "good" is becoming lower and lower. Anyone with a modern-day cell phone is equipped with a high-resolution camera so the amount people that are willing to pay becomes less and less. The amount of money they are willing to pay is becoming less and less. If you want to have a business in photography you MUST STAND OUT. You must stand out from all the other fauxtographers. You must stand out from those with a large following on Instagram. Spoiler alert: There is very little left that will make you unique. if you want to make photography a business you can't just be good or even average at Photography. You must also be good at BUSINESS. Photography and Business are two separate sets of skillsets.

Business is Business

I'll say it again: Photography and Business are TWO separate sets of skillsets. I've written on why the mindsets of an amateur photographer can make them believe they can step into the arena against seasoned and experienced photographers. I will, however, provide a path for those amateurs to fair well in that arena. Follow my blog as I divide my thoughts into small digestible pieces of information and allow me to help you grow as a photographer, and develop a profitable business.

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