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July, 6, 2020
We are open!
- If you have previously purchased a photo package you may schedule a session with Virak directly.
- All previously purchased memberships will be extended until July 15, 2021.
- Limited seating for workshops and masks required throughout all of July 2020 until further notice.
- Thank you for your patience and patronage!

July 1, 2020
We are getting ready to open! We have been interviewing models for the past two weeks and are actively looking for more! The courses will be scheduled once we confirm the models for the events! Thank you for your continued patience!

June 25, 2020

Re-Opening is scheduled for July 6th, 2020! Social distancing measures will take place throughout the month of July and class size will be limited (due to size of room and regardless of looser government recommendations/guidelines). Studio will be available for rental and all pre-paid shoots will be honored.

June 15, 2020

A free modeling class has been added to our schedule for select days in June with the intent of scouting additional models to attend our future workshops.

June, 2, 2020
The studio is not permissible for re-opening as it does not fall under the government guidelines for Phase-1 businesses. We are now looking at a re-opening closer to mid-July. Activity remains SUSPENDED for the month of June but we are now in the process of preparing to re-open! 

May 1, 2020
All activity at the studio will continue to remain SUSPENDED through the month of May, 2020. We anticipate a June re-opening contingent on government guidelines. We will adjust accordingly to any changes that we do not anticipate.
Thank you for your patience and stay safe!
- Note: All annual memberships will re-start once we re-open and you will have a year from re-open date to enjoy full benefits of your membership.

March 30, 2020

We are monitoring the daily changes and will update here on how the COVID-19 virus affects our business.

- The April 4th workshop has been moved to June 13 and all other workshops have been postponed (date tbd). We will re-evaluate closer to the date to see if we need to postpone further.
- All current annual memberships will be extended by two months.

- Hand sanitizer, 70% alcohol and disinfectant is available at the studio.

- All activity at the studio have been SUSPENDED for the month of April 2020 until further notice. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

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